At Burns Energy Systems we specialize in unique and custom applications.  The following are examples of some of the less common equipment we have designed or supplied in the past.

This is a system for recycling road surfaces.

We designed a mobile burner system to soften the road surface

and to incinerate fumes generated during the heating process.

Burns Energy Systems - Custom designed road pre-heater.
Burns Energy Systems - Rotary aggregate dryer.

This is a rotary drier fitted with a Low NOx burner.
This system is a retrofit for an old plant and is used for drying aggregate.

Fluid bed combustion system - Burns Energy Systems

This system is a retrofit of an old waste incinerating fluid bed system.
The burners in this case fire against a 5psi back pressure.
This system is designed to fire concurrently with the biomass waste.
This system augments the available heat increasing capacity of the fluid bed.

High pressure high temperature air heat exchanger - Burns Energy Systems

High pressure high temperature heat exchanger coil
used for certification of components in Aerospace applications

Enameling furnace - Burns Energy Systems

This furnace uses waste heat to dry and
preheat cast iron components prior to enamelling.

Biomass dust combustion system - Burns Energy Systems

This system uses waste Biomass dust generated from a milled
wood waste to provide 13MW of heat energy for a large mdf flash drier.

High Velocity burners on walking beam furnace - Burns Energy Systems

This is a high velocity preheater added to the charge
 end of an old walking beam billet re-heat furnace.
 This project increased the capacity of this old furnace by 25%

Gas fired industrial tank heater - Burns Energy Systems

This is a high capacity, high efficiency gas fired solution
tank heater used to heat lubricant for a cold rolling mill

Industrial furnace equipment specialists

Burns Energy Systems - Industrial Furnace Spacialists