Burns Energy has designed a series of small aluminum and zinc alloy die-casting furnaces. These furnaces feature Ceramic Immersion Burner technology and provide the following advantages in operation:

  • High operating efficiency
  • Low inclusion count
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Low down-time for immersion tube replacement
  • Durable and high efficiency refractory linings
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Vacuum auto discharge system options


These compact furnaces can be configured for a variety of applications in the casting and die-casting industries. They are set up to provide a small amount of melting capacity at the casting machine. The extra heat enables these furnaces to quickly correct and control metal temperature after a transfer, and to adjust alloy quality by alloy addition or degassing.


The system can be adapted to continuous feed operations. In-line furnaces can be integrated with automatic metal delivery and recirculation systems.


Furnaces can be supplied to process aluminum alloys, zinc alloys and a variety of other non-ferrous metals with melting points below 850C.


Furnaces can be adapted to discharge metal by bailing, manual control valve, auto ladle, pump or sub-surface vacuum discharge. The vacuum discharge system minimizes entrainment of surface inclusions and makes this system ideal for thin wall castings and a variety of special applications.

Single immersion burner aluminum holder furnace.
Immersion burner GALFAN furnace with a displacement side well.

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