Burns Energy Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial furnace equipment. Our expertise is in the field of high temperature heating systems.


The Burns Energy Systems design group is led by professionals with extensive practical experience gained from many successful projects.


We provide:

  • Concept and detail engineering services
  • Procurement
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Start-up assistance
  • After sales training packages.


Our engineering services include:

  • Mechanical, structural, electrical, and P&ID materials
  • 3D computer models
  • Application of analytic tools such as CFD and FEA
  • Integration of furnace control with DCS, PCS & SCADA systems
  • Special software packages
    • Mass flow control
    • Bio-mass systems
    • Thermal head control
    • Level II control systems.


We can supply complete furnace equipment, or pre-assembled packages of critical components, such as burner and valve systems, to enable you to self-build your own furnace equipment and reduce your capital costs.


All of us at Burns Energy Systems are dedicated to the improvement of the thermal efficiency of high temperature industrial furnace equipment. We take great pride in the fact that over the years we have reduced the global carbon footprint by hundreds of thousands of tons and have saved our clients millions of dollars by reducing fuel consumption and increasing production.


Burns Energy Systems has earned a reputation for the design and implementation of innovative solutions to technical challenges. Please visit our unique applications page for some of the highlights. We are consistently upgrading equipment specifications using the latest techniques and materials.


Further details about our technical services click on the links below:

CFD thermal study of furnace car and steel ingots
Structural stress evaluation of furnace steelwork.
Full 3D computer model of forge furnace.
Installed car-bottom forge furnace.

Industrial furnace equipment specialists

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