Burns Energy Systems specializes in gas and oil fired industrial furnace equipment and the fuel safety codes. We can help you evaluate your systems and we can advise you about changes that may be required to bring your equipment into compliance with the latest safety standards.


We are able to evaluate your system for potential operational inefficiency or any potential control improvements. We are available to engineer design changes that will improve furnace performance and reduce fuel costs. We do not profess to be experts on your particular process, that is clearly your expertize. Where we can bring value to your operation is as part of your team, and as specialists in the application of heat to your industrial process.


We start by getting a thorough understanding of your process requirements before we begin the engineering work. This includes data collection, technology review and an assessment of your automation requirements. At this stage we examine any environmental issues that may impact the proposed project. We look for easy solutions first. Sometimes this may simply involve shutting down redundant equipment.


We try to properly understand the problems that must be addressed by the proposed project and how an equipment package may impact the operation of other systems in the same area. We conduct site surveys looking for constraints such as space, height limitations and suitability of the local utility supplies to the proposed project location.


Typical Engineering Activities:

  • Data Collection
    • Development of Mass Energy Balance
    • PINCH analysis
    • Local Service and site constraints
  • Concept development
  • Problem Solving / Troubleshooting
  • Process Integration
  • Optimization
  • Engineering Design Activities
    • 3D Model development
    • Component Selection
    • Drafting & Detail Drawing Preparation
  • Auxiliary activities
  • PINCH analysis for energy optimization
  • CFD to check furnace concept designs
    • CFD work to develop flow shapes
  • FEA to check critical stress points
  • 2D & 3D beam analysis to check structures
  • Refractory heat flow modeling


To arrange a system evaluation please call our office at 905-525-6321.


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