Does you furnace suffer from any of the following problems?

  • Poor product quality
  • Poor temperature uniformity
  • Poor efficiency
  • High operating costs
  • Low production rate
  • Failing or unreliable equipment / components
  • High emissions
  • High maintenance costs
  • Leaking Doors
  • Flue or Exhaust problems
  • Generally poor performance

Most older industrial furnaces suffer from at least some of the above mentioned issues, and as a result end up costing you not just money but also product quality and therefore your reputation. Fortunately there are usually ways to bring new life to an old furnace and significantly improve its efficiency, production rate, and product quality. Let us review your furnace equipment and give you some options. We can recommend a range of solutions from simple quick fixes to more advanced and more comprehensive furnace upgrades.


At Burns Energy Systems we specialize in combustion systems and industrial furnaces. We are uniquely qualified to analyze your furnace equipment, identify problems, and recommend solutions specific to your heating application.

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