Burns Energy Systems Ltd is an engineering company licensed by Professional Engineers Ontario to offer and provide professional engineering services to the public.


We offer engineering services focused on the operation, design, material handling, and performance of high temperature furnace equipment. We offer process and flow evaluation along with pre-feasibility and feasibility evaluations of projects that require a high temperature process route.


We work with a wide network of respected experts in the fields of non-ferrous metal melting, Zn and ZnO production, and steel forging.


We are happy to provide furnace designs for one-off self-build applications, including all of the specifications, drawings, diagrams, flow-charts, spreadsheets, thermal designs, and where appropriate CFD simulations, to enable you to build a piece of equipment using local contractors and trades. We also offer packaged technology components such as burner systems and pumping systems to be incorporated into the final furnace design.


Technical services provided by Burns Energy Systems:

  • Engineering
    • CFD Analysis
    • Carbon Footprint Analysis
    • Energy Efficiency Analysis
    • Mass & Energy Balances
    • FEA
  • System Evaluation
    • Problem Solving
    • Process Integration
    • Optimization
    • Pollution Control Measures
  • Design
    • 3D Modeling and Drafting
    • Furnace repair & refurbishing
  • Project Management
    • Scheduling
    • Fabrication Supervision
    • Installation Supervision
    • Commissioning, Start-Up & Training
Regenerative burner installation
Custom pre-heater combustion system assembly

Industrial furnace equipment specialists

Burns Energy Systems - Industrial Furnace Spacialists