Burns Energy Systems can supply Immersion Burners and Immersion Burner Systems suitable for your non-ferrous melting application.


Immersion burners feature self-recuperative burner heads mounted inside closed-ended silicon carbide tubes. Hot gases from inside the immersion tube are caused to exit though the burner head via an integral heat exchanger. 


In operation the silicon carbide tube is immersed in a molten bath of zinc or aluminum alloy.  As most of the heat transfer happens below the surface of the molten metal bath, the immersion burner system offers excellent efficiency and production rates in comparison with other heating technologies.


Immersion burners are best suited for aluminum and zinc alloy die cast applications and for special coating applications such as Galfan, Galvalum, Aluminum, and Galvanize. 


The main advantages of the immersion burner system over other technologies such as the immersed crucible furnace or the reverberatory furnace are:

  • Low inclusion count
  • Low fuel cost
  • Higher efficiency
  • Effective convective mixing of the alloy
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Minimum maintenance and downtime

Furnaces designed around the Immersion Burner System typically feature ceramic linings with excellent service life.  In addition, the refractory in contact with the alloy is not prone to dissolving and the consequent contamination of the molten alloy.


Burner systems are highly modular in construction and feature accurate gas-to-air ratio control and reliable operation. Safety systems and devices are in accordance with your local gas safety code. Our systems have been installed and are in operation world wide.

High efficiency zinc melter using immersion burner technology.
High efficiency immersion burners on strip galvanizing line.

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