High temperature industrial furnaces are our core business at Burns Energy Systems.  We have decades of experience in the design and supply of high efficiency furnaces and ovens for a wide range of common and custom applications.  


We can:


The degree of our involvement is entirely up to you. We can simply provide advice or we can provide a complete turn-key furnace.  In an effort to keep costs down, you can hire us to carry out only the design work, you can then complete the fabrication and installation of the furnace with or without further help from us - you decide.


We are not tied into a distributorship of any combustion system components so we are free to use your preferred suppliers in the design of our furnace systems.  This also means that if you chose to do so, you can go directly to the OEMs for spare parts and avoid the typical markups. We are always available to provide you with as much or as little support as you require.


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Car bottom forge furnace construction.
New car-bottom forge furnace with regenerative burners.
High velocity burner upgrade on old heat treat furnace.

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