Burns Energy Systems is happy to provide packages of combustion system components to facilitate the retrofitting of exiting equipment. Our industrial furnaces are already being supplied with combustion system modules to simplify the process of installation on site.


Pre-assembled burner systems feature:

  • Piping in accordance with the local installation code
  • Design in accordance with the local Fuel Safety code
  • Pre-assembly & Pre-wiring
  • Testing, with full function testing of all electronic components
  • Electrical terminations to a locally mounted terminal box

We design our industrial burner systems to be economic to operate. We offer high efficiency burners for all our furnace equipment. To achieve full advantage of such systems it is necessary to use pressure compensation control and individual burner controls wherever possible.


For nearly all new equipment, the investment in accurate and reliable combustion controls is easily justified by future fuel cost savings. Retro-fit applications may be a little more difficult to justify, however there are often some very simple steps that can be taken to improve furnace performance.  We would be happy to evaluate your furnace equipment and advise on ways that performance can be improved.


Generally our combustion systems feature:

  • Individual burner control
  • Characterized burner output
  • Modular package design
  • PLC connectivity
  • DSC / SCADA ready
  • Software to enable the user to get full benefit of the new system
    • Remote monitoring
    • Remote troubleshooting without the need to travel to site
    • Data logging and data storage
    • Trending and Level 2 options

We offer:

  • Electronic Mass Flow Systems
  • Mechanically pressure compensated systems
  • Cascade Temperature control systems
  • Pulse Fire control
  • Incineration control systems
  • Biomass dust and synthetic fuel burner equipment
  • All systems are designed in accordance with CGA/NFPA or EN codes
  • Systems installed world wide
Natural gas combustion system - Valve train piping.
Pre-assembled valves for an industial combustion system (valve trains)
Main gas manifold - Valve train

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