The Burns Energy Systems Zinc Melting furnace has been designed to be easy to operate and maintain.  Its purpose is to efficiently pre-melt SHG (Special High Grade) zinc, or to remove iron from zinc dross (top and/or bottom) prior to transfer to the vaporizer.  The furnace produces a consistent quality melt with low heat losses and low unit production cost.


This innovative melter is designed as a tilter and therefore a metal pump is not needed for furnace discharge.  The tilt mechanism is actuated by a 3.5 kW (5 hp) electric motor and a curved rack and pinion drive.  The heating system features energy efficient Recuperative Burner Technology  providing excellent operational efficiency and excellent pollution control to minimize CO2 and NOx.


This furnace can be easily integrated with Burns Energy Systems Launder and Tundish system and can be supplied with an optional weight scale for accurate metal transfer accounting.


The melter has been designed to operate with liquid zinc in contact with the furnace refractory lining.  The reverse tilt is designed to assist the operator during ash removal and ingot loading.  Ash is drained on the exposed sloping hearth before being removed from the furnace. To recover zinc from the precipitate it must be mechanically pressed to break up encapsulated zinc.


The control system has been designed to store operational data at a secure remote location via a system PLC, Ethernet link, system web addresses or a secure link to a network hub.  Safety systems are in accordance with EN 746.2 Fuel Gas Safety Code.  NFPA, CSA, and other codes available on request.


Zinc melting and zinc vaporizing furnaces for Zinc Oxide production.
Zinc melting furnace.

Features of Zinc Melting Furnace:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Preheating shelf for easy loading
  • Loading by Lift truck or overhead crane
  • Hydraulic actuated access door
  • Reverse tilt for cleaning and de-ashing
  • Smooth flow tilting discharge
  • No ceramic pump for metal transfer
  • Electric high torque actuator to control furnace tilt
Liquid zinc flowing out of the tilting zinc melting furnace.

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