Burns Energy Systems uses two furnaces as part of our zinc vaporizing process.  Both furnaces feature revolutionary designs which have been optimized using extensive CFD studies and practical field experience.


The Vaporizing furnace utilizes two Regenerative burners with combustion efficiencies as high as 85%. The result is zinc vaporizing at less than 3GJ/tonne with a 24 tonne ZnO/day maximum production rate per furnace (with new crucibles). The production rate decreases to approximately 20 tonnes ZnO/day as the crucibles age.


The Zinc Melting furnace features recuperative burner technology. The combustion efficiency is 62% and the overall melting cost is <0.7 GJ/tonne. The tilting feature of the melter eliminates the need for a zinc pump or ladle to discharge liquid zinc, making the system simple to operate. The tilting melter may also be used to recover low iron zinc from top and bottom dross.


Typical combustion efficiency for burners without heat recovery features is approximately 35%-40%, making the Burns Energy Systems furnaces 2 to 3 times more energy efficient than the industry norm.

Installed zinc melting furnace and zinc oxide furnace.
Burns Energy Systems typical zinc melting and zinc vaporizing system.  Click for: Tundish and weight scaleClick for: Zinc transfer launderClick for: Zinc Vaporizing FurnaceClick for: Tilting Zinc MelterClick for: Zinc Reclaimer for DrossGrit CatcherVaporizer Combustion Hoods

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