Zinc Oxide Pelletizing System

The ZnO pelletizing machine developed by Burns Energy Systems is capable of producing ZnO pellets with controllable density and hardness, from low density French process zinc oxide.


In operation, ZnO is transferred by customer's conveyor to the vibration feed table of the granulator.  The feed table provides an even flow of zinc oxide powder to the granulator. ZnO flows continuously into the granulating hopper, where it is drawn between two counter-rotating rollers where it is compressed to produce high density granules. For most grades of ZnO there is sufficient inter-particle surface attraction to form a ZnO granule without the addition of a binder. The shaped circumferential grooves of the compression roll are designed to expel the entrained air associated with the ZnO powder, which prevents bursting of the granules when they are ejected from the granulator.


The granules fall into a disc pelletizer located below the granulator. The pelletizer tumbles the granules changing them into round pellets. The action of the pelletizing disc increases the density and hardness of the pellets. The operating angle of the pelletizer disc is adjustable within a 25 range. When the system is set up for a particular product, the angle can be locked in position. The formed pellets are discharged by over-flow via an opening in the pelletizer cover. The finished pellets are transferred to the packaging system via the client's belt conveyor and screens as required by the end-user requirements.


The equipment has been designed to be reliable and easy to operate and maintain. It uses electrical drives which are convenient and easy to maintain. The design enables each roll to be serviced using standard workshop tools and with minimum setup. The compression roll is fixed and the rubberized roll is mounted on a movable frame. This enables the rubberized roll to be tensioned against the fixed-position compression roll.


Operating Parameters of Zinc Oxide Pelletizer

Production Rate:
Nominal Pelletized Size:
Increase in Density:
Surface Hardness:
Fines Content:
Total Weight:
Power Consumption:


1000 kg/hr (nominal)
French Process Zinc Oxide ONLY
1.5-5mm  (0.5 - 1.5mm with optional secondary reducer)
50% - 200%
5g - 50g force (pellet size dependant)
2750 kg   (6000 lb)
Pelletizer = 5 hp
Granulator = 2 hp
Feed Vibrator = 1/2 hp
Optional secondary reducer = 2 hp

Zinc Oxide Pelletizer
Zinc Oxide Granulator
Pelletized Zinc Oxide sample.
Pelletized Zinc Oxide sample magnified

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