Burns Energy Systems is pleased to announce the third generation zinc vaporizing furnace.  This system has been optimized using CFD techniques and utilizes the most efficient burner technology to produce ZnO at less than 1/3 the energy requirements of typical systems in use today.  The industry leading energy savings are realized by optimizing the furnace shape, by using large crucibles, and by the application of regenerative burner technology.  The chart below shows how much more efficient our newest vaporizing furnace is compared with currently available options.


To put it simply:  Nothing comes close to our zinc vaporizing efficiency!


The Burns Energy Systems vaporizing furnace is at least 3 times more efficient than our competition. With the cost of natural gas increasing, our equipment has the potential to save you millions of dollars over the life of the furnace.  The cost of natural gas in Europe is between US$10 and US$15 per GJ.  At 7,000 tonnes per year (which is our vaporizer's nominal production rate), our furnace has the potential to save you $500,000 per year.  In Asia, South America, and parts of Europe, where natural gas cost are greater than US$15/GJ and have been as high as US$20/GJ, our single 7000 tonnes/year vaporizing furnace will save over US$ 1 million per year in fuel, while providing better yield.  Maintenance is also reduced because the three crucibles in our vaporizer only need to be replaced 3 or 4 times per year and down time for the change is only about 30 hours.


Recent reports suggest that the natural gas prices have already reached the bottom and are now on the rise again.  As the cost of natural gas increases around the world, the savings offered by the Burns Energy Systems vaporizing furnace are so significant that the Return On Investment (ROI) can often be measured in months instead of years.


As a result of the high efficiency of Burns Energy Systems furnaces, our clients produce the same amount of product using significantly less fuel, and therefore generate significantly less CO2. The graph below compares CO2 emissions from different vaporizer technologies on the basis of their natural gas consumption to produce 7,000 tonnes of ZnO in one year.

Above comparison is based on the assumption that all technologies use natural gas for fuel, and all furnaces are liquid fed pre-melted zinc.

Cost comparison for oil fuels is similar and is available from Burns Energy Systems upon request.

Pre-melting of zinc in a Burns Energy Systems melter requires less than 0.7 GJ/tonne. This is more efficient than typical pre-melting methods.


CO2 emissions by various Zinc Oxide production technologies.
Zinc Oxide production efficency using various technologies.

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