Burns Energy Systems has a line of high efficiency equipment specially engineered for the production of French Process Zinc Oxide.  The system is designed to be the most efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable technology available to the Zinc Oxide producer.


The zinc oxide equipment:


This system features some of the lowest operating cost and user friendly equipment available to the Zinc Oxide producer. Full automation of the equipment means that the process can be run with fewer operators. 


Zinc burning flame - Zinc Oxide flame

Why is our equipment so much more efficient than the industry standard?

Because we are an innovative engineering company specializing in the design of industrial furnaces and combustion systems.  Our expertise is in the efficient application of heat to industrial processes and we use the latest engineering tools to develop, simulate, and evaluate our systems.  In developing our line of Zinc Oxide equipment we teamed up with industry experts and spent over 5 years on R&D work applying our knowledge and our full resources to assemble the best available technologies to vaporize zinc with the least amount of energy.


Comparison of Zinc Oxide production efficency using various technologies.

Industrial furnace equipment specialists

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