Burns Energy Systems has developed an improved process for the refining of zinc from dross prior to use for the production of zinc oxide and zinc dust.  This integrated high yield process was jointly developed by A. H. Burns Energy Systems Ltd and zinc industry experts. The efficiency of the zinc recovery comes from the high efficiency of the melting and vaporizing furnaces, as well as the new optimized process.


The new Burns Energy Systems Tilting Melting Furnace has been designed to provide high metal solution temperatures and material mixing required to efficiently separate the iron prior to liquid charging of the vaporizing crucibles. Lead (if present in the dross) remains in the vaporizing crucibles and is periodically removed from the liquid zinc by liquation. Recovered lead can be re-sold to offset the processing costs.

Advantages of our zinc recovery process:

  • The excellent fuel efficiency
  • Excellent Grade 1 ZnO yield
  • Zinc yield is greatly improved
  • All waste streams have potential re-sale value
  • Lead is recovered as commercial grade lead

Production Capacity of Zinc Recovery System:

  • Up to 1000 kg of dross per hour per furnace
  • Suitable dross composition
    • Zinc > 90%
    • Iron < 6%
    • Lead < 2%
ZnO Production rate from dross.
Dross melting and zinc recovery furnace.

Discharging 99.96% pure zinc recovered from dross.

Reclaimed zinc from dross

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