Zinc transfer launder

Burns Energy Systems has designed an articulating launder system for operation with the vertical crucible vaporizing furnace and the tilting melter.  The Launder is designed to move in 3 axes; it will swing though 270 degrees and the tip will move backwards, forwards, up and down.  Once the operator places the tip of the launder over the hole in the crucible lid, the launder is tilted down by pressing a button on top of the joystick mounted on operator console. Movement of the launder is prevented in the down position.


The launder is actuated by hydraulic motors.  The tip of the launder can be roughly positioned very quickly.  Hydraulic motors are used because of their excellent turn down characteristics which provides the operator with excellent fine control of the launder allowing for accurate final positioning. 


The launder is supplied with a chest mounted operator console. The console is fitted with two joystick controllers. The left hand joystick controls the rate of the furnace tilt and the right hand joystick controls the movement of the launder. In addition, the furnace door can be operated from the same console.  Movement of the launder can be compounded, with swing and extension/retraction happening simultaneously. The launder will be fitted with a target which the operator will line up with a second target mounted on the furnace. Lining up the 2 targets places the launder in correct location for the metal transfer.

Launder Remote Control Console
Liquid Zinc Transfer Launder

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