ZINC Tundish

Burns Energy Systems supplies tundishes designed to transfer molten metal from a melting furnace to a liquid metal consumer.  Each tundish is manufactured from heavy duty steel plates and a non-wetting ceramic lining chosen for durability and low operating heat losses.


Optional swing away gas fired heated tundish covers are available for special applications. These covers are fitted with a modularized high velocity burner system designed to operate automatically with minimal heat loss.  Heated covers are normally only required if the tundish retains a static volume of molten metal in normal operation.


The tundish may be fitted with a weigh cell package.  In operation the weigh scale signal is processed by the furnace control panel PLC with transfered displays two values on the HMI.  One indicates the running total mass and the second indicates the instantaneous metal mass flow rate.  These data may be saved and written to removable memory media, transferred to a plant PCS (Plant Control System), or accessed via a VPN. 


The weigh cell package enables the operator to select a preset quantity of liquid zinc for transfer.  The system will cause the molten metal flow to stop by either stopping the transfer pump or by causing the furnace to move to the standby position.  The operator remains in total control of the transfer and may stop the process at any time.

Zinc tundish with weight scale.

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