Burns Energy Systems furnaces use 3 large crucibles to provide a high production capacity with a small footprint and reduced material losses.   In addition, crucible loading has been simplified to make the process of crucible changes quick and easy.


This furnace has been designed to fire in sub-stoichiometric mode as an option. This produces a protective gas atmosphere which helps protect the graphite in the body of the crucibles making them last longer. The Post Combustion option recovers energy from the vented gas atmosphere, ensuring only CO2 is vented from the furnace and all energy is recovered from the fuel.


We use 3D modeling tools to help us design our industrial furnaces. We have used CFD techniques to examine the flow of air across the furnace top plates and crucible covers. We have been careful to make sure that the furnace top plate design provides a smooth air flow which minimizes Zinc Oxide losses.

Liquid charging zinc vaporizing furnace.
Burns Energy Systems - Zinc vaporizing furnace CFD evaluation.

Burns Energy Systems is pleased to announce the release of the third generation furnace for zinc vaporizing. Years of R&D and collaboration with ZnO industry experts, has produced our most efficient and reliable vaporizing furnace yet.


CFD technology (Computerized Fluid Dynamics) has been used extensively to optimize the furnace shape and burner layout to provide the most efficient crucible heating and greatest zinc temperature uniformity.  Good temperature uniformity is crucial to ensure a consistent zinc boiling rate which leads to high quality product and excellent yield.


The exceptionally high energy efficiency of the vaporizing furnace is the result of a combination of factors such as using CFD to refine and optimize the furnace design, and liquid charging large crucibles to achieve economies of scale.  The greatest benefit, however, comes from the use of regenerative burner technology which achieves 85% combustion efficiency in this application, while at the same time reducing CO2 and providing ultra low NOx levels. This third generation Burns Energy Systems vaporizing furnace is extremely fuel efficient requiring less than 3 GJ/tonne to produce ZnO.  The system is very easy to maintain and operation by one person is possible.


Savings of zinc vaporizing furnace.

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Zinc Vaporizing Furnace Production Capacity

  • Up to 275 kg/hr of zinc vaporized per crucible
  • Liquid metal = 3,500-4,500 kg per crucible (x3~12,000kg)
  • Nominal Furnace Production Rate 20-24 tonnes/day of ZnO
  • Each vaporizer produces approximately 7,000 tonnes ZnO/year
  • Zn : ZnO = 1 : 1.22 or better conversion rate using SHG
  • Fuel consumption rate per tonne of ZnO produced
    • < 3 GJ/tonne or better
    • < 80 Nm3 of Natural Gas / tonne ZnO

Zinc Vaporizing Furnace Design features

  • 3 isostatically pressed Clay-Graphite crucibles (or SiC)
  • Gas or Propane burners (Light Fuel Oil optional).
  • Manufactured in 2 halves for containerized shipping
  • Pre-fabricated pipework panels
  • Pre-wired assemblies wherever possible
  • Pre-fabricated electrical control panels

Advantages of Burns Energy Zinc Vaporizing Furnace

  • Easy to operate - single person
  • Very efficient regenerative burner option
  • Consistent boiling rate
  • Liquid metal feed from Burns Energy Systems Melter
  • Low maintenance
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Ultra low NOx emissions
  • High production rate capacity
  • Compact
  • Lead recovery option
  • Long crucible life (3 to 4 months when used with SHG)
  • Minimal time to change crucibles
  • CFD refined furnace design

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