Although travel restrictions during the Covid pandemic have limited our ability to connect with our clients, that doesn’t mean that your zinc oxide projects should be put on hold. We have been working hard to refine our furnaces and overhaul design of our control systems to enhance automation, improve user interface, and simplify equipment installation and operation.

Even if we can’t visit your plant right now, there is still a lot we can do to get your next project started right away. This includes feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed engineering, and even equipment fabrication, remote commissioning and operation.

If you are experiencing a production slowdown, then this could be the ideal time to install new equipment in preparation for the expected reopening of world economies in 2021.

Please feel free to contact us and let’s see what we can do to make your zinc oxide plant more efficient.

Stay Safe,
Burns Energy Systems


Ultra High Efficiency ZnO Furnaces

Burns Energy Systems is an engineering company specializing in the design and supply of high efficiency, low carbon footprint furnaces to the zinc oxide industry. 

Our line of equipment is specially engineered for the production of French Process zinc oxide from primary and secondary zinc sources.  Processing secondary zinc has the potential to save hundreds of dollars per tonne off your zinc cost.


Our 3-crucible vaporizing furnaces use less than 3.5 GJ to produce a tonne of ZnO.  That is at least twice as efficient as other furnaces in the ZnO industry.

Depending on fuel cost, the potential fuel savings are usually in the range of U$20,000 to U$50,000 per month for each new BURNS vaporizer installed, resulting in a very short ROI.

Big fuel savings also means low emissions and smaller carbon footprint for the environmentally responsible operations.

Ultra high efficiency zinc oxide production grapg


At Burns Energy Systems we are not just experts in the efficient use of energy for your ZnO production, but we also have a network of zinc industry experts to help you get the most out of your process.  We can help you reduce costs, increase your yields and improve your product quality. We have made French Process zinc oxide production our specialty!

ZnO Furnaces

Our ZnO Equipment

BURNS has a full line of furnaces and auxilliary equipment for the manufacture of ZnO from primary and secondary zinc sources, including melters, vaporizers, launders, tundishes, grit seperator, combustion hoods, etc.

Hard Zinc

Secondary Zinc

BURNS has developed a proprietary process and custom furnace designs for ZnO producers to maximize their profits through saving fuel and by the development of a process that allows the producer to use secondary zinc as source material. 

Financial Case

Financial Case

Thanks to the ultra efficient BURNS furnaces, the fuel savings and increased profits realized by using secondary zinc as feed material, can reduce the equipment ROI for a complete plant from years to just a few months.

BURNS Engineering

Engineering Services

BURNS offers a range of engineering services to get you quickly from feasibility to concept, to execution, to production. We supply detail engineering packages for local procurement of substantial portions of the project.


Feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you



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