Engineering Services

From feasibility to production,
BURNS is your project partner.

Burns Energy Systems would be pleased to take on your entire project or to act as your engineering partner.

Zinc Oxide Furnaces


Front End Engineering Design is split into two phases. At the completion of each phase there will be a go / no-go decision.

Phase 1: FEL-2 deliverables
• M/E Balance and performance targets
• Preliminary plant layout
• Schedule
• Budget

Phase 2: FEL-2 deliverables
• Equipment Scopes
• Installation Scopes
• Preliminary suppliers list

The FEED process is developed with the close help and cooperation of the client to achieve the required plant design

Zinc Vaporizing Furnace


Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management is a contract where BURNS will administer the project on behalf of the client. With this type of contract BURNS will only be directly involved in construction of the equipment that is supplied by BURNS.

Tasks typically include:
• Issuing equipment scopes
• Review of offers received
• Project budget & timeline FEL-3
• Supplier inspections prior to shipment
• Development of installation schedule
• Supervision of installation tasks
• Administration of site activities 
• Development and enforcement of performance protocols
•  Management of project handover

Zinc Vaporizing Furnace


Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning is usually a LSTK (Lump Sum Turn Key) project where BURNS will take responsibility for the entire project, from concept to final acceptance, for an agreed fixed sum, and will deliver the project at an agreed date. In some cases, EPIC may be awarded for the installation phase only.

An EPIC contract will only be accepted after completion and acceptance of the FEED Phase 2 report.

In some cases, an OBC (Open Book or Cost-Plus) contract may be available for consideration as a more cost-effective method of project delivery, because the budget is based on FEL-3 information and the performance risk is shared.


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