Ultra High Efficiency Furnaces

3-Crucible Zinc Vaporizer

Zinc vaporizing furnace designed by industrial furnace specialists with the cooperation of experts in the zinc oxide industry.

Ultra High Efficiency

The 3-crucible zinc vaporizing furnace utilizes regenerative burner technology to produce ZnO at less than 3.5 GJ/tonne. This efficiency is 200% to 500% greater than other zinc vaporizers currently operating globally. This furnace can save up to $50,000 per month in fuel alone, over a typical muffle furnace.

Optimized Design

Engineered using the latest in CFD technology, our designs have been extensively fine-tuned against real world operating equipment to optimize the furnace chamber shape and burner configuration.

The result is the most efficient crucible furnace available to the zinc oxide producer. 


Type: 3 ceramic crucibles
Crucible life: 3-4 months
Production rate = 20 t/day ZnO
Production efficiency < 3.5 GJ/t ZnO
Zn to ZnO conversion rate > 1.22
Prefered Source: SHG zinc
Good Source: Low Pb Secondary
Burners = 1200 kW regenerative
Emissions: Ultra low NOx, Low CO2

2-Retort Zinc Vaporizer

Designed for producing ZnO from secondary zinc. This high efficiency furnace can easily handle Pb and other contaminants.

Ultra High Efficiency

Like our 3-crucible vaporizer, this furnace utilizes regenerative burner technology to produce ZnO at approximatelly 3.7 GJ/t. The horizontal design allows for efficient draining of the retorts when the contaminiants have accumulated to unacceptable concentrations.

Optimized Design

Designed by industrial furnace experts using CFD technology. Designs have been extensively fine-tuned against real world results to produced a furnace design with optimized shape and burner configuration. The result is the most efficient furnace with excellent zinc temperature uniformity.


Type: 2 retort horizontal
Retort life: 3-4 months
Production rate = 12 t/day ZnO
Production efficiency < 3.7 GJ/t ZnO
Zn to ZnO conversion rate > 1.22
Prefered Source: SHG or Secondary
Burners = 900 kW regenerative
Emissions: Ultra low NOx, Low CO2

Swing Zinc Processing Furnace

Designed to remove Iron from Secondary Zinc

Innovative Design

This innovative zinc melter is designed as a Swing furnace. It smoothly discharges liquid zinc to the vaporizing furnace, without tapping or pumping. The rear tilt mode is used for removal of the Iron and other contaminants.

Dual Purpose

Designed to pre-melt SHG and to dissolve hard Secondary Zinc. The process extracts iron and most other contaminants enabling the production of high quality zinc oxide.  Rear tilting is used to assist the operator when transferring ash to the squeezer.  


Type: Tilting Zinc Melter
Melt rate = 24 t/day or 48 t/day
Melting efficiency < 0.7 GJ/t Zn
Process produces typically 99.9% pure Zn (with low Pb feed material) 
Ideal application: SHG or hard zinc 
Burner = 580 kW

Zinc Holding Furnace

Static version of the Swing Processing Furnace is used for bulk molten zinc storage

Additional Volume and Buffer

The holding furnace has been designed to provide a reservoir of processed metal as a surge buffer between the melting or processing furnaces and the vaporizing furnace. It can also be used as a Special High-Grade zinc melting furnace in the event that the plant must occasionally operate on SHG zinc. 


• Thermally efficient design
• Excellent temperature uniformity
• Well stopper-rod discharge system 
• Optional Pump discharge system
• Extended pre-heating dry shelf 
• Full width loading/cleaning access
• Front loading by forklift truck
• Top loading by overhead crane
• Two well / two pump option


• Model: Zinc Holding Furnace
• Capacity = 25 tonnes
• Operating T= 465C to 475C
• Production Rate = up to 50 t/day
• Zinc Storage for 20,000 t/y plant
• Melting efficiency = 0.7 GJ/t Zn
• Holding efficiency = 0.3 GJ/t Zn
• Material: SHG or processed zinc
• Burners = 580 kW High Velocity

Automated Launder & Tundish

Auxilliary equipment designed to simplify the process of transferring liquid zinc from the melters to the vaporizers

Remote Controlled Launder

Allows the operator to quickly and conveniently transfer zinc from the melter to the vaporizer. Automation package available for the 2-retort and 3-crucible furnaces.


Designed to transfer zinc to the launder. May be fitted with weigh cells to monitor liquid zinc mass flows. Weigh cells are required for the automation package.


Swing  =  270 deg.
Swing Radius  =  7.2 m
Transfer Rate  =  250 kg/m
Static Zinc Capacity  =  600 kg            
Auto Level Control +/-  5mm

Zinc Precipitate Squeezer

Stand-alone equipment designed to extract metallic zinc from the Swing Zinc Processing furnace precipitate.


Designed to recover encapsulated zinc from the Swing Furnace precipitate. Achieves better than 85% metallic zinc recovery with an oxidized precipitate


Sized to handle the precipitate from the swing furnace when processing feed at nominally 2% Iron. Designed to be mobile.


Capacity =  260 L
Precipitate capacity = 500 kg
Best extraction efficiency = 90%*
Motor = 7.5 kW / Heaters = 36 kW
* Based on quantity of free zinc & assumes precipitate is oxidized 



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