for using BURNS equipment in your plant

Simple financial model for a 20,000 t/year ZnO plant

Potential income from using secondary zinc to producwe ZnO

Assumptions (Prices in US $ as of May 2019)

LME SHG Zinc Price   = $ 3 108/t
ZnO Sell Price              = $ 3 120/t
SHG Premium              = $    156/t


Top Dross Discount        = -11%
Bottom Dross Discount = -16%
Waste Disposal                = $ 200/t


Best Available Current Technology = 9.5 GJ/t
Burns Energy Systems Technology = 3.4 GJ/t
Natural Gas Cost = $ 7.6/GJ

CAPEX - At typical green-field start Burns Energy Systems plant will have a CAPEX requirement of about $950/production tonne/year. With local installation crews this number may be reduced. New installations can usually be justified on fuel savings alone due to the lower CAPEX of the Burns Energy Systems technology package and its enhanced performance.

ROI - ROI on the Burns Energy Systems furnace retrofit into an existing plant is typically less than 9 months. Fuel savings around $350,000 per 3-crucible vaporizing furnace (producing 6,500 t/year) can be realized in Europe and Asia. ROI for a complete 20,000 t/year plant using Secondary Zinc to produce ZnO is usually less than 24 months. 



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